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GEO’s regional initiatives provide the necessary framework for countries and organizations to access and leverage ongoing Earth observation projects and initiatives, creating synergies and minimizing duplication.  

The AfriGEO community is continuously growing and is establishing its presence in the region. 

The AmeriGEO community have actively engaged in promoting data sharing and capacity development activities for the benefit of the region.

The Asia Oceania GEO promotes the Earth observation capacity of Asia-Oceania countries to confront the challenges facing the Asia-Oceania region. 


EuroGEO is improving user uptake and to scale-up existing pilot applications based on Earth observation data and by doing so improving forecasting capabilities for decision-makers and governments for Europe’s benefit.
GSFC_20171208_Archive_e000413_orig NASA.
GSFC_20171208_Archive_e000413_orig NASA.
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